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Day: June 18, 2020

Filipino Card Games With An Educational Twist

Filipino Card Games With An Educational Twist

Filipinos love playing different types of games, and card games are no exceptions. Some of them play to socialize and spend time with their family and friends. Others consider it as a great way of passing time while they relax at the end of a workday. These card games lean more on the educational side and not focused on gambling. You get to learn a lot when you play these card games. Here are some Filipino card games you should try.


This card app aims to educate people on a lesser-known element of the language known as tuldík. It refers to the diacritics or accents and glyphs. These are attachments to vowels. The purpose is to guide speakers on the proper pronunciation of a certain word. They are distinct and unique features of the Filipino language. Filipinos consider it an essential part of their culture that they preserve. That is according to its designer, Christine Vergel de Dios.

The card’s visuals show you the proper placement of the marks. The app’s auditory aspect lets you know how to pronounce the words. The words in the game have a wide range from easy to downright difficult.

How to play:

Four to six players can play this game. The game uses a deck of seventy-six cards with different words. Each player receives four tuldík cards to represent the four diacritics. The dealer will shuffle the cards before placing them face down. The first player draws the first word-card from the top of the deck. Each player will put down the diacritic they think matches the card. The answer will show up on the app. The points you earn depends on the difficulty level of the card.  The first one to earn thirty points will be the winner.

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Sagisag is a simple card game designed by Heather Luna, Mavee German, and Danica Bocalan. It uses a deck of cards with national symbols. The game targets a younger audience, but even adults can learn a thing or two if you play it right.

How to play:

It is a straightforward card-matching type of game. The dealer shuffles the cards and then distributes them among the players. One after the other, each player puts down the cards that share the same national symbol. If a player runs out of cards to pair, he or she picks a random card from the next player. It disrupts the strategy of that next player. The aim is to be the first to lay down all your cards.

Most Filipino card games give an educational twist to the recreational game. Filipinos usually play cards without emptying their wallet. If you want to try other Asian games that involve slots, you can try out the SCR888 Slot Game. You can also enjoy it with your family and friends like most Filipino card games.