Beware Of These Online Poker Cheating Methods

Because online poker is a huge income generator and money maker for having a huge number of players around the world, its soar in the gambling industry has also drawn a huge downside because a lot of online poker players are finding a way to gain an advantage in their favor by using the dirty tactics.

Dirty tactics, meaning, that they use some software or a program that is generally a form of cheating when they play online poker. You should be aware that not all players want to walk the right path, and some of them want to cut short that is why online poker, despite its popularity and massive community is plagued with issues that surround cheating.

Because money is involved in online poker, there are people out there that will do everything on their disposal to gain an advantage over their opponents and to increase their winning chances, even if it takes to maliciously doing bad deeds to their fellow online poker players considering that online poker is relatively anonymous which facilitates this kind of problem for many years already.

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To avoid becoming a victim of cheating in online poker here is a rundown from samgong online terpercaya about the very common cheating methods used in online poker.

    1. QUESTIONABLE ALL INS- If you notice this kind of cheating, there are certain online poker players who always use the method called all-in protection or disconnect protection which helps an online poker player who lost internet or data connection. Although using this is legal but, frequent use of this is considered an abuse especially if the player uses this to prevent losing in the game, and excuses internet connection as the cause of getting disconnected to the game when in fact that player is trying to protect the bet from losing it. by intentionally disconnecting their internet connection if they are on the losing end of a game which is a clear act of cheating to avoid losing.
    1. DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS- Or it is commonly known as collusion wherein two online poker players who secretly work together to increase a player’s chances of winning a game. This idea works by logging in the same online poker room, playing the same online poker table, and they share the same information about their cards to take advantage of the unknowing players who also played in the same table.
    1. USING MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS- It is stated clearly in the terms and conditions of any online poker gaming rooms, that a player must only have a single account that is signed up, but for cheaters there is always a way to take advantage and exploit by creating dummy accounts in order to receive additional rake backs which pays more than the other players. Cheaters can use multiple accounts at once and can play in a single room to increase the chances of winning the pot money.
  1. USING BOTS- This kind of software is designed to analyze an online poker game and determine its outcome by checking out the starting hands and the community cards so that the player using the bot can counter it and make better decisions which are really a cardinal sin in online poker rules.