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Day: November 14, 2021



Betting is a way to predict a winner or challenge some for money. Nowadays betting is becoming heavily popular in games like a horse race, football, cricket and many others. Betting is generally single race and multi-race betting.

Single Race Betting

In single race betting, the person bets on the winner but only in a single race. Betting is done only on a single race. This race involves predicting the winner, the runners up and in some bets, the third place also. Some of the various types of single race betting are win, place, quenelle, and exact. In this game, the person needs to predict or choose the runner which he or she thinks will finish first.

 In this game, the person needs to choose the runner and even if the runner finishes second or third, he/she will still collect his or hers place dividend. In this game, the person needs to predict the winner and the runners-up. Straight Quinellas and Standout Quinellas are the two types of Quinellas.This game is similar to the Quinella. The only difference is that in this game, the person needs to predict the winner and the runners-up in the same order. Some of the types of Exacta are Straight, standout, box exacta or roving banker exacta.

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Multi-Race Betting

In multi-race betting, betting is done on two or more than two races. Various numbers of winners need to be selected from various racing events. Some of the multi-race bettings are:

  • Doubles: In this game, the person needs to pick or predict the winner of two races at the same race event.
  • Quaddie: This game is similar to doubles. In this game, the person or the better needs to pick their four winners from the four race events.
  • Big6: This game is also similar to the Doubles. The difference being in the number of winners that the person needs to select. The person needs to select six winners from six racing events.
  • Parlaying Formula: Parlaying Formula is a bet in which the winnings are parlayed from one or more races. Parlaying is the linking of two or more bets. It is dependent on all the bets which are won together.


Every person at some point in their life has betted on something or the other. Many people get addicted to betting. It is either because they want to win more money or to win back their lost money. In case you are fascinated by betting, you can look through qiu qiu poker online.